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Get Golfing visit Fawkham CE Primary School In Kent

The Get Golfing team were greeted by a frost as we arrived to deliver the first of many golf sessions at Fawkham Primary School.

The effervescent Stu Williams was found braving the sub-zero temperatures as he assembled a driving range for the children on the paddock with flags for targets and bays for hitting. We welcomed the first group of girls and boys with the biggest smiles and energy to match and delivered a clinic on the setup and swing plane and soon all the kids were hitting.

Inside the school we had Shaun and Yvonne set up in the hall finessing a masterclass in putting. The morning rolled on and the sun shone as the team met students from reception through to year 6 including TA’s, teachers, and the headmistress. One teacher even tried her hand at hitting outside and sent the ball sailing towards the sheep grazing in the background. It’s imperative that the kids see golf as a sport for everyone and fun!

Highlights from the day include putts being holed for house points, tips on how to control the speed of the ball and outside the aptly named “POWER BALL” a soft larger golf ball propelled off a plastic tee by all the students in attendance. We even had kids doing star jumps while waiting to keep them warm.

The team came together afterwards to discuss the day and lessons learnt. We all agreed that reception was better off inside with smaller parameters and for Yvonne, the harshest lesson of all. Bring a woolly hat! (Practice your chipping).

The team really enjoyed the morning with such a lovely group of children and staff to match. We hope this will be the start of a long and impactful relationship with the school and a big thank you to the school and all the staff involved for their time.