Clubhouse Investment

A New Era at Tadcaster Golf Club

Curious about Tadcaster Golf Club? Formerly known as Scarthingwell Golf Course, this club is steeped in history and
poised for a fresh start.

As you step into Tadcaster Golf Club, you’ll immediately feel a strong sense of community and warmth.
Interestingly, the golf course was once cultivated by one of its current owners and her father back in 1920. With its
exceptional layout and challenging holes, the course is set to receive significant support and investment.

Get Golfing CIO, a charitable organization, now oversees 11 golf clubs across England, including the latest addition
of Tadcaster Golf Club. While Tadcaster currently holds the distinction of being the most northerly club, the plan is
to expand and add more locations to the portfolio in the North of England.

In just under a month, Get Golfing has already made a noticeable impact on the energy and atmosphere of the golf club. The clubhouse resonates with upbeat, modern music, creating a welcoming and uplifting ambiance. Golfers can now enjoy a drink or two after their twilight rounds, as the clubhouse remains open until 10pm on weekdays and weekends.

At the core of Get Golfing’s priorities lies the golf course itself. The dedicated course maintenance team is being reinforced with additional staff, allowing for more attention and care. Recruitment efforts are already underway, and the team will receive guidance not only from the Group Courses Director but also from external agronomists who collaborate with the group. Immediate actions are being taken to enhance the playing surfaces of the greens, as well as implement visually appealing cutting patterns and shaping techniques.

Get Golfing sites are all about fostering community and promoting inclusivity. With tee times available for booking
up to 7 days in advance, the golfing experience is open and accessible to everyone. Tadcaster now offers a flexible
membership program where players can utilise points to pay for their rounds of golf. These points are redeemable
at all Get Golfing sites, including those for your guests. Being a flexible member means being an integral part of Get
Golfing, with the added benefits of obtaining a handicap, participating in competitions, and receiving discounts on
food and beverages at the bar, as well as in the Online Pro Shop.

Exciting times lie ahead for Tadcaster, with members gaining access to a plethora of new benefits, including
complimentary skill sessions with PGA professionals. Tadcaster extends a warm invitation to all, welcoming new
visitors, members, and societies to join in the excitement.