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Captains’ Grand Challenge 2023

The Captains’ Grand Challenge 2023 hosted by The Club at mill Green was a roaring success, here’s everything that happened over a fantastic two days.

The Captains Grand Challenge is an annual get together where members from all Get Golfing clubs come together for an unforgettable experience. Handpicked by the captains, an 8-person team compete in a friendly 2-day competition (if such a thing exists)! This event is our way of expressing gratitude for the captains’ support and is a great way to share thoughts and ideas for the year ahead.

Unfortunately, day 1 was heavily disrupted by thunder and lightning. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and it did give us all an opportunity to head to the bar early!

The greenkeepers did an exceptional job in preparing the course for day 2. Their remarkable teamwork and the outstanding quality of the course, despite the challenging weather conditions, are accomplishments Get Golfing takes immense pride in.

It was a fantastic event and we thoroughly enjoyed hosting all our competitors over the two days. A closely contested affair, you can see the full leaderboard below:


Congratulations again to our winners The Club at Mill Green, we look forward to seeing you attempt to defend your trophy in 2024.