Back in Christmas 2021, Nick Darby met with our CEO Ed Richardson to discuss how Get Golfing could help those less fortunate get into golf. After some research Nick came across a UK based charity called The Mumba’s Children’s project.

MCP’s mission is to help facilitate and support the needs of children in, but not limited to Africa by providing at least one meal per day, clean water, education and healthcare. Nick, spoke to the charity and asked how we as a not for profit golf operator can help? It was decided that we would run a campaign across our 7 sites aimed at staff, members, and their visitors asking for old clubs, clothes and bags. Over a 4 week period Nick collected over 1000 golf clubs, golf bags, 20 bags of clothing and a cash donation totalling £324.

Fast forward to June 26th 2022 and we were delighted to receive word from Aaron Banda, projects co-ordinator at MCP that the golf equipment had been delivered to the children and families of Mpongwe District in Zambia. We must take this opportunity to thank the Winning Women international team and MCP’s director Hildah Mulenga for working tirelessly to ensure that the equipment was successfully delivered.

It was heart-warming to read of the children’s excitement and willingness to learn the game upon receiving the equipment.

Agnes Nakanyika, a 12-year-old boy currently completing 4th Grade was asked whether he knew anything about golf, Agnes had this to say:

“I honestly don’t know anything about golf now and I don’t have any professional golfers that come to mind. Despite this, I think the equipment from Get Golfing will bring happiness in the community as the game looks easy to play. I also think golf will keep children busy and help us to learn new things.”

Another girl, Christabel Salimu, whose main source of information about sports such as golf is through a battery powered radio set and a smart phone. We asked her the same question and she had this to say.

“I think the equipment will help me to become rich in future. I also think the equipment will help to promote togetherness with my friends. Finally, it will improve the lives of many residents of Mpongwe.”

Perhaps most pleasing to read in the report from Hildah Mulenga, Charity Director, was the willingness of the Lamba speaking people to use the game of golf to help raise awareness of the wider issues affecting young people in the community such as:

  • Physical inactivity
  • Mental health.
  • Teenage pregnancies.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Gender based violence.
  • Environmental conservation.

She also stressed the need for government’s support to other sports disciplines apart from football, and how golf will help to keep adolescents and youths of Mpongwe preoccupied and off the streets. Hildah has since approached the Mpongwe District Commissioner to let him know about our plans to set up the first ever golf course in Mpongwe District. Hildah and the proposed safe play/course are pictured below:




One initiative included organising a charity golf tournament for sports teachers from various schools of Mpongwe to introduce them to the sport. The idea being the teachers will help provide quality coaching as well as counselling to the golf teams on a voluntary basis. The below picture shows those very teachers having their first go.

Who knew that golf could have such an impact on a community. Thank you to all of you who donated.