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Club Ambassadors at Warley Park

The club Ambassadors at Warley Park are thrilled to join forces with the community team and Club Pro Russ to bring the joy of golf to Corbetts Tey School, the club’s chosen charity.
Our Ambassadors are passionate about golf and are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for the students. They love giving back and forming meaningful connections with both the students and staff, making everyone feel right at home at Warley Park.

Over the past year, the school has been bringing students to our sessions, and our Ambassadors have been instrumental in creating a fun and inclusive environment for them to relax and enjoy the challenges of golf. These sessions have been an incredible experience for all involved, with teachers, students, and Ambassadors alike smiling their way through the sessions and ending up in the clubhouse for some refreshing squash and biscuits.

We have three dates before Christmas, including our December session that concludes with a special Christmas dinner for all the students and teachers. We invite you to join us for these upcoming sessions:

– Monday, October 16th from 1-2.30pm
– Monday, November 13th from 1-2.30pm
– Monday, December 18th from 11-2.30pm (where we will be hosting a Christmas dinner for the children and staff, and of course, you are welcome to join us)

Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities to introduce the students to the wonderful world of golf and create lasting memories together.

To discover more about our Club Ambassadors, simply click here.

Hear from our ambassadors

Hear from a teaching assistant at Corbets Tey