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Operators of Golf, Leisure and Hospitality Venues for the good of the game and their communities

What is Get Golfing CIO?

Set up in 2018, Get Golfing is a charity that aims to encourage greater participation in the game of golf to deliver a positive impact on the physical and mental health of those who play and to help reverse a recent trend towards golf course closures.

To achieve this we understand we have to deliver the best possible course conditions to attract players to our clubs.

As you will appreciate, this is not an easy or inexpensive task but, as a charity, we do not have shareholders to pay and we benefit from some tax advantages not available to other owners.

This means Get Golfing can invest in a club in a way that was not previously possible and can provide a more affordable golf environment.

To date, Get Golfing has grown to seven sites and does not have any loans or debts. Growth comes through reinvestment from existing trading activities.

While it is a specialist golf operator, Get Golfing recognises the importance of a club’s bar, catering and function operation. The management of Get Golfing, therefore, is focused on two disciplines: golf and food and beverages.


Ian Timberlake

Ian has over 25 years’ experience working in the golf industry and has an unrivalled knowledge of UK Golf courses and key industry figures.

He has earned a reputation for maintaining the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality and discretion and is widely regarded as having the largest network in the business.

Julian Covey

Over a 40-year career in golf course maintenance and construction, our Head Course Manager, Julian has worked on projects for golf clubs such as Liphook, Hindhead, Old Thorns, The Roehampton Club, and Sunningdale.

Shaun Pilbeam

Shaun grew up in a small mining village in Kent and only took up golf after an injury ended a promising professional football career. Shaun is passionate about the game and has played and caddied in practically all four corners of the earth.

When asked if he would consider a role as a Trustee, he leapt at the chance to be part of a charity who are passionate about creating opportunities for people to play.

Management Team

Edward Richardson

Our CEO, Ed is a former England international amateur golfer, who has been involved in the golf industry for 30 years.

He has a degree in Turfgrass Management from Michigan State University and has worked for both the PGA Tour and the European Tour on course presentation and maintenance.

Jack Coleman

Our Head of Clubhouse Operations, Jack has worked in the food and beverage, hotel, hospitality and golf industry for almost 20 years.

Prior to Get Golfing, he ran the food, beverage and events operation for European Tour Properties at The London Club. He has held similar roles at Nikanti Golf and Country Club, Thailand, and Quinta da Marinha Resort, Portugal.

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Our corporate social responsibility is about playing a responsible part within the community”

It is the policy of Get Golfing to carry out all activities in a manner that positively impacts on the welfare of local society, acting with greatest integrity, such that all venues become established central hubs within our community and accessible to all. Get Golfing will comply with all environmental regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice relating to the processes and activities of the company.

Our social responsibility shall encompass three core areas of work: (1) Charitable, (2) Environmental and (3) Ethical. Each area plays a strategic part of our business.

  • Charitable

    Encourage the Game of Golf

    Get Golfing operates with a culture that recognises our societal responsibilities: to encourage the game of golf. We believe golf should be accessible for both the young and old without prejudice, including all levels of ability.

    Actively Bettering Society through the Game of Golf

    We truly believe that golf can help with the welfare of individuals in society, including the mental and physical well-being of all participants. We will actively promote this and encourage participation to the game of golf to all standards.

    Supporting the Community

    Offering our facilities and services at a reduced, or no cost, basis for not-for-profit community groups and/ or charities to sell as part of their fundraising activities.

    We also believe our staff should work with members of the community and, in such cases, gain a greater appreciation for the work that the local community do. This includes allowing staff the time and resources, wherever possible, to volunteer for charitable schemes- both on or off site, and acknowledging how active involvement in charitable work can play a key role in staff development.

  • Environmental

    Pest Management Systems

    We consistently attempt to decrease the amount of fertiliser and pesticides used on our golf courses. These measures help improve sustainability of turf management methods, while reducing negative impacts on the surrounding ecosystems.

    Getting Smarter about Water

    Each site has established water management plans based on industry standards. We set certain goals across our sites to make better use of the water as a commodity. After establishing these guidelines, we control and try to reduce the use of water, by maintaining proper functioning facilities and optimising the use of systems.

    Reduce Food Waste

    We will use best practices and technology wherever possible, to reduce the amount of food waste in our kitchens. Use of digital inventory management tools, in conjunction with regular stock-takes and date checks, will allow us to consistently control our food inventory.

    Invest in Energy Efficient Equipment

    We are committed to maintaining the proper structure and functioning of all our equipment and resources within our properties, with regular ongoing preventive maintenance checks. Reinvesting when needed on more efficient, energy saving equipment or technology to help us combat energy loss.

    General Waste Management

    We endeavour to use the “3 Rs” as our mantra for our environmentally friendly clubhouses:

    Reduce, Reuse and Recycle our waste.

    Any hazardous waste, or waste that must be disposed of, will be done so safely in a manner that complies with the legal regulations and standards, as stipulated in local and national guidelines.

    We are responsible for not wasting energy “Save Energy and Switch Off Now”

    We all need to take responsibility for our area of work, making sure we instil a culture of ownership, action and accountability. This includes turning off lights, computers, heating appliances and any appliance/ device that is not in use.

  • Ethical

    Communication with members

    At Get Golfing we believe in being as transparent as possible with our members. We frequently hold Q&As to keep members up-to-date with activities and plans regarding the facilities, events, and golf courses.

    You can download our latest set of accounts here


    Wherever possible, we will source local suppliers and use local products. We will go directly to the source of the product, whenever possible, to avoid use of wholesalers and middle agents, while offering a fair price for integral products that are needed to maintain a golf course and club.


    We believe in working with local companies, including start-ups or single traders, to contribute towards building relationships on workmanship and integrity, while focusing on working with and supporting contributions to the local community. We believe in building trust and collaboration among all members within our environment for a better contribution to the welfare of society as a whole.


The Bristol
Warley Park
Mill Green
Sherfield Oaks
Hampton Court Palace