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Get Golfing

Built on a foundation of inclusivity and driven by an unwavering passion to do things differently, our mission is simple: To revolutionise the golfing experience.

What we stand for

We’re on a mission to revolutionise the golfing experience. Our unconventional approach prioritises inclusion and participation, smashing through bureaucratic barriers that hinder enjoyment.

But we’re not just about the game. We’re about creating opportunities; for our team to grow personally and professionally, for people to engage with golf on their own terms, and for local communities and charities to thrive.

The Get Golfing Culture

Supported by a 10-point manifesto, our culture and ethos are what set us apart. They’re what ensure that we continue to be a force for good and spearhead change in the golf industry.

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We make decisions that embrace inclusion and participation, crushing bureaucracy that hinders play.

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We foster a culture that respects the silent majority over the vocal minority.

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Financial sustainable

We are self-sustaining and never depend on donations or government funding. Financial sustainability at all sites is crucial for long-term success.

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We cultivate an environment where everyone feels genuinely welcome and respected.

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Create opportunities

We empower our team with career, life, and educational opportunities to advance and excel.

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Our venues are an integral part of the community. They are maintained to the highest standard so they can be enjoyed by all.

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We prioritise choice and flexibility to give everyone an opportunity to play golf.

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Giving back is core to who we are. We support local charities and offer our facilities for the community’s benefit, free of charge.

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We firmly believe that golf should be fun for all. We’re going against tradition and ripping up the rule book to spearhead change in the golf industry.

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We genuinely care about the environment and have created detailed, actionable plans to minimise our impact on the planet.

Find your dream job

We’re always looking for passionate people to join our family. If our values resonate with you, we want to hear from you. Let’s work together to change the future of the golf industry.