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    Get Golfing

    Eastbourne Downs joins the Get Golfing Portfolio

    Eastbourne Borough Council has officially announced that Get Golfing has been selected as the preferred operator for Eastbourne Downs Golf Club, following significant interest from over thirty parties, with six submitting formal responses.

    Get Golfing is thrilled to incorporate a club with such rich history into its portfolio. Eastbourne Downs holds a special place as the former home of Major Cyril Tolley, the Amateur Champion of 1920 and 1929, who left an indelible mark on the sport. Tolley’s legacy includes representing Great Britain seven times in the Walker Cup Matches and earning recognition as one of the era’s most formidable hitters.

    This announcement follows the unfortunate and recent passing of Get Golfing’s founder, Edward Richardson, who also played golf at an international level. Chris Knight, a member of the senior leadership team, expressed “satisfaction in securing such a prestigious golf course, believing that Ed would be proud to have it join the Get Golfing family”.

    Eastbourne Downs Golf Club is located on the south coast of England in the county of East Sussex. It is a short drive from the M25 and easily accessible from two of Get Golfing’s existing venues, North Downs & Redlibbets.Founded to address opportunities such as the one at Eastbourne Downs Golf Club, Get Golfing operates as a charitable organisation, reinvesting all surpluses back into its venues. As of 2023, the charity employs 250 salaried staff across its 12 sites, supplemented by a variable seasonal staff ranging from 150 to 300 individuals. Annual revenues last year reached £19 million, with surpluses exceeding £2 million.

    Over the past five years, Get Golfing has allocated approximately £7 million toward facility improvements. The organisation’s primary objectives centre on promoting golf participation and its associated health benefits. It prioritises delivering top-notch playing surfaces and course presentations within an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere that remains financially accessible.

    Moreover, Get Golfing emphasises community integration, making concerted efforts to embed its clubs within their localities.Get Golfing operate with a ten point manifesto curated by the trustees, senior leadership team
    and employees, including;
    ● Unconventional – We make decisions that embrace inclusion and participation, crushing bureaucracy that hinders play.
    ● Inclusive – We foster a culture that respects the silent majority over the vocal minority.
    ● Create opportunities – We empower our team with career, life, and educational opportunities to advance and excel.
    ● Community – Our venues are an integral part of the community. They are maintained to the highest standard so they can be enjoyed by all.
    ● Eco-conscious – We genuinely care about the environment and have created detailed, actionable plans to minimise our impact on the plan