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The objectives of Get Golfing are to increase participation in golf, nurture a culture of inclusion at our venues, and promote the use of our facilities to non-golfers and other non for profit organisations within our communities.

An Extension of our Ethos

Get Golfing’s CEO, Edward Richardson, has guided each site adopt a new strategy where the Club as a whole dedicate its support to one local charity. Get Golfing have hired a designated member of the team who will work with the Captain’s and the chosen charity to promote the following:

  • Fundraising within the member and visitors for the local charity.
  • Support the charity by creating greater awareness within the club and the local community of the charity’s hardwork.
  • Use of club facilities at no cost.

By coming together as a Club, we can achieve:

  • We can raise more funds for the chosen charity without having to constantly chase members for greater contributions.
  • We can enhance the awareness that the charity’s good work.
  • We will change the perception of the immediate community and bring us closer together.
  • We will help improve the performance of the chosen charity through the support of the club and the use of our facilities.

Our chosen charities are: